Navigating the world of loose diamond B2B transactions should be as seamless as the brilliance of our diamonds. Here's a breakdown of the Daha Dimon B2B process:

Step 1.           Inquiry:

        o   Connect with Us: Begin your journey by reaching out to us with your specific diamond requirements.

o   Detailed Discussion: Engage in a detailed discussion with our knowledgeable team to outline your needs, whether it's regarding quantity, quality, shapes, or sizes.

Step 2.           Exploration of Inventory:

o   Extensive Catalog: Explore our extensive diamond inventory, showcasing a rich array of round-shaped diamonds, fancy shapes, tapper/baguette diamonds, and piecuts.

o   Customization Options: Discuss customization options to tailor the diamonds to your exact specifications.

Step 3.           Selection and Quotation:

o   Handpicked Selection: Choose from a handpicked selection of diamonds that align with your criteria.

o   Transparent Pricing: Receive a transparent and competitive quotation, reflecting our commitment to providing the best quality at reasonable prices.

Step 4.           Customization and Job Work:

o   Customization Process: If needed, engage in our customization services, leveraging our job work facility to access top factories and the latest designs.

o   Collaborative Approach: Work closely with our team to ensure that every detail meets your expectations.

Step 5.           Finalization and Agreement:

o   Detailed Agreement: Finalize the details of your order, including quantities, specifications, and pricing.

o   Mutual Agreement: Reach a mutual understanding and agreement that ensures clarity and transparency throughout the process.

Step 6.           Production and Quality Assurance:

o   In-House Manufacturing: Benefit from our in-house manufacturing capabilities, ensuring control over quality and timelines.

o   Quality Checks: Each diamond undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet our high standards.

Step 7.           Delivery:

o   Timely Dispatch: Experience a timely dispatch of your order, ensuring that your diamonds reach you as per the agreed schedule.

o   Secure Packaging: Diamonds are securely packaged to preserve their brilliance during transit.

Step 8.           Post-Delivery Support:

o   Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment doesn't end with delivery. We ensure your satisfaction and address any post-delivery queries or requirements.



Embark on a seamless B2B journey with Daha Dimon—where your vision meets our expertise, and every transaction is a testament to our commitment to brilliance and transparency.